March - Newsletter #8

Gamification Revamp (Streaks 🔥 & More!)

Dear Co-x3 Community,
This week, we will focus on getting results - how can we continuously keep track of our progress and aim for success?
Major updates! 🔼
It's been a fantastic week for our community - here are some highlights:
We had promised a huge gamification update, and here it is! 😄 As I've mentioned before in my videos, a big reason why I set out to build #theGamificationProject for my friends, family, and community is so that everybody can have full control over their own customization, enabling features to be added and shared at any time. This is especially true for this update, as every feature I'm presenting has been designed for you to easily mould for your specific use cases.
Expansion 🏗: Super Package (2020-Mar-15)
Create custom badges to reward yourself - there are 3 types of badges you can implement with this template: Streak 🔥 (must maintain the streak to keep the badge), One-Off ⭐ (once you earn it, you keep it), and Maintain 🔒 (must retain certain resources to keep the badge). I'll be continuously adding many more pre-built badges that worked to keep me focused and productive! Some pre-built examples are:
Gold Slayer (2020) - Complete 4 goals in 2020
Reflection Expert - Complete 1 week of reflections in a row
Gold Hoarder - Maintain a gold balance of over 2000
The dashboard has been expanded to showcase more information at a glance! Easily view:
Recent Wins (daily and weekly)
Your Achievements (badges you're close to earning, and earned badges)
This Week's Mistakes
Things You're Most Grateful For
Improved documentation for #theGamificationProject for improved onboarding and setup flow
+3 Patrons! Thank you Maggie, Artelligence, and Alex. With your support, we can release quality content more regularly, and provide special and customized perks for supporters like you! Thank you so much! 😄
💡 Reminder: As a launch bonus, we are offering an exclusive 'super package' for patrons that unlocks one-click duplication for dozens of practical templates and frameworks; maintaining the complex relations between the various databases, offering a seamless experience.
This week's honest sharing 💭
Every week, I am deeply honest about important topics.
In this podcast with Ekho Academy, I share the motivations behind the creation of #theGamificationProject and some of the significant events that have shaped who I am today.
What I've been resonating with 📚
Constant learning is an important part of your growth journey, and I try to read as much as I can to learn as fast as I can. Every week, I'll share key insights from the best pieces of content I digest.
Quote: "We do what we do not because it is easy, but because it is hard." - JFK
As humans, we often find meaning in challenge.
When we pursue a difficult task, and the fruits of our labour ripen, that is the moment that the world falls into place. We feel fulfilled, and reassured of our skills.
Instead of asking people to do more with less, tell them to do more with what they have - their talent, ability, etc.
When we look back in time, the teachers we remember the most are those that helped us realize our own value and that we are capable of more than we thought.
As leaders and teachers, our role is to place people into situations where they can fail but be there to support them when they fall down until they figure it out themselves.
Then, once they are confident in their own ability, they will in turn help others.
Things to look forward to 👀
Notion is now powering 3 unique sections of our website - blogs, newsletters, and our reading list; all for free, with this integration. Advanced features such as tags are now fully functional, and you can try it for yourself here. These and more are being compiled into resources for our community.
More quality of life features for #theGamificationProject, enabled via API integrations. We'll also be releasing a video next weekend walking through the new and improved templates (creating new badges from scratch, adding new players to the leaderboard), so please stay tuned for that!
With Covid-19 making more and more headlines, many organizations have started to encourage their teams to work from home. As I've been working with remote teams in my organization for many years, I'll be sharing some resources that have helped us stay connected and efficient while working from different countries.
Prompt for the week ❔
What are some custom badges that you need to achieve in your life?

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