February - Newsletter #5

Only Human 🙄

Dear Co-x3 Community,
This week, we will focus on the fact that we are only human, common behaviours we exhibit - and how we can make them work in our favour.
Major updates! 🔼
It's been a fantastic week - here are some highlights:
Co-x3 has launched a collaborative reading list 📚, where we share the most meaningful pieces of content that we've been digesting with each other, and showcased on the Co-x3 website - letting the world know what we consider are the best resources for productivity, growth, and learning! If you want to be part of our collective learning, join us at https://discord.gg/SNvHeeS
Finance Template Improvements: Requested by Co-x3 patron (SoapLadyZ) on Discord
Gamification rewards for saving money throughout the week and tracking of total amounts saved.
Daily Quests Improvement:
You can now see today's finances and completed success plan items while doing your nightly reflection - helping you make clearer decisions about the impact of your day
Improved look and feel on dashboard page
Track # of times you made a mistake, and alert you (angrily) when you've made a mistake more than once.
+8 Patreon Supporters! Thank you Geng, Aly, Duong, Sandra, Parker, Kylie, Nigel, and Courtney. With your support, we can release quality content more regularly, and provide special and customized perks for supporters like you! Thank you so much!
Reminder: As a launch bonus, we are offering an exclusive 'super package' for patrons that unlocks one-click duplication for our best templates. This maintains the complex relations between the various databases, offering a seamless experience.
We have a launch goal to hit 100 patrons! Once this goal is met, we'll be able to release interesting and innovative content like this every 2 weeks.
This week's honest sharing 💭
Every week, I am deeply honest about important topics.
In this article, I share a way I've exploited one of our most human behaviours to ensure that I don't make the same mistake twice.
In the accompanying video, I share how I built my template 'Don't make the same mistake twice' and make meaningful improvements.
What I've been resonating with 📚
Constant learning is an important part of your growth journey, and I try to read as much as I can to learn as fast as I can. Every week, I'll share key insights from the best pieces of content I digest.
Quote: "How do I know who I am until I see what I do?” - E. M. Forster
How we describe ourselves may not be who we really are. We are good at fooling ourselves, and the only concrete way to determine who we are is to observe our actions.
Work on behaviours first, then attitude will follow. If you do good things because you want to be a good person, you will naturally become a good person in your attitude.
By forcing yourself to be confidently wrong (eg. doing a test before knowing the material), you force your brain into hypercorrection, working extra hard to not make the same mistake twice.
Practicing or studying in spaced intervals helps put your learning into long term memory.
Attempting variants of the challenge allow you to apply your knowledge, versus simply regurgitating it.
Things to look forward to 👀
Video guide on how to host a GatsbyJS blog (with Notion as a CMS) for $0 with Netlify. As we have recently upgraded our website to also be able to handle our shared reading list, I will also be showcasing that in the video coming this week.
Finance Template Upgrade Requested by Co-x3 patron (SoapLadyZ) on Discord:
Being able to allocate saved amounts of money towards your debt payments (should be applicable for general budgeting as well)
I have a big push at the end of the month with new templates and features, so stay tuned!
Prompt for the week ❔
What are some behaviours that you can take advantage of to help you be more productive?

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