February - Newsletter #2

Building Something Great πŸ“¦

Dear Co-x3 Community,
This week, we'll be sharing topics about entrepreneurship, and building something great - what does it really take?
Major updates! πŸ”Ό
It's been a great week - here are some highlights:
+5 Patreon Co-x2 Supporters! Thank you Hans van der Drift, Elena Leone, Lori Harris, Daniela, and Aimee Mason. With your support, we can release quality content more regularly, and provide special and customized perks for supporters like you!
As a launch bonus, we are offering an exclusive 'super package' for patrons that unlocks one-click duplication for our best templates. This maintains the complex relations between the various databases, offering a seamless experience.
We have a launch goal to hit 100 patrons! Once this goal is met, we'll be able to release interesting and innovative content like this every 2 weeks.
Released Finance Tracker - Easily track every penny you spend, budget, and reconcile with your bank statements.
Released Time-Boxing Schedule - Timebox your day so you know how much time you should spend on each activity.
Super Package Upgrade (2020-02-03)
Updated descriptions/examples for smoother UX
Integrated Finance Tracker and Time-Boxing Schedule
This week's honest sharing πŸ’­
Every week, I am deeply honest about important topics.
In this video, I share how I put the framework of 'being intentional' into practice, and a practical way for you to get started too.
What I've been resonating with πŸ“š
Constant learning is an important part of your growth journey, and I try to read as much as I can to learn as fast as I can. Every week, I'll share key insights from the best pieces of content I digest.
Quote: "You have to be willing to give yourself more at-bats. Everyone else is only leaving .02. You’re leaving a $1.80 Every. Single. Day.” - Gary Vee
This quote is highly applicable to anyone who is looking to become successful. The fundamental idea is that most people only give their 2 cents in any given scenario. If you decide to be the outlier, and hold yourself accountable to give $1.80 each day (90x the effort!) then you are going to be that much better than your counterparts.
Article: Do Things that Don't Scale by Paul Graham
Whatever unscalable thing you do when you're small will ultimately translate into fundamental values when you are big.
If someone promises commitment in the future, sign them up on the spot now, not later. Someone will surely forget, and the opportunity lost.
To succeed, you need extraordinary effort while doing something extraordinary.
Article: How to Start a Startup by Sam Altman, Dustin Moskovitz
When starting any significant project, ask yourself the question. Why now? Why would this idea not work 5 years ago, or 5 years later?
Keep your feedback loop close. The faster you can make your product 10% better (for the users that love you), the more you can attract users who will love your product.
Build a product a few users love, in a small but growing market (those kinds of users are desperate for a solution) - and then take over the world. Users who simply like your product are fickle and unreliable. Users who love you, will stay and support you.
Things to look forward to πŸ‘€
I'll be doing a lightning talk with Tiago Forte (PARA) on how we use notion (I'll be focusing on gamification), on Feb 4, 2020 @ 7:00 pm. Sign up for the webinar.
Step-by-step guide on how to build a responsive react.js blog using notion as a CMS backend - completely free!
Due to resource constraints, #theGamificationProject will have updates rolling out in two stages. Stage 1 will involve upgrading the success plan to match the 'Be Intentional' template. Stage 2 will involve advancing items on the implementation roadmap.
Prompt for the week ❔
What dream have you been putting off because you didn't know how to start? How can you start working on it today?

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