May - Newsletter #16

Our Spring Adventure Is Here 🌸

Dear Co-x3 Community,
This week, our spring adventure has arrived - how can we level up to the next stage of our lives, together?
This week has been action-packed and there's so much to share, so how about we dive right in! I'm so sorry about the delayed newsletter and video drop this week - I've spent over 40 hours editing and producing content over the weekend amidst hardware troubles, and I'm just so excited to share what Co-x3 has in store for you.
Our Wins 🚀
It's been a fantastic week for our community - here are some highlights:
Our release notes this week has been extensive, and for good reason! In a nutshell:
Integrated world events, heroes to join your journey to help you get through the week, theme library, party database, success plan improvements, power-user features made easy, progress bar upgrades, a new template for fear setting (inspired by Tim Ferris), and so, so much more.
For the first time, we have included GIF tutorials to showcase novel features that take advantage of Notion's latest update that launched just this WednesdayBrowse through the full release notes →
In our weekly catchup session (now lovingly dubbed 'Council Meeting'), we had a great conversations about the May campaign we will embark on together to drastically improve ourselves, and make the community a better space for each and every one of us. Watch the session here if you missed it! →
We hosted an impromptu 'build with me' livestream on Saturday, 1pm SGT where I taught community members how to theme their setup - we had a ton of fun, and it was a very relaxing way to spend the afternoon. Parts of the session made it into our HUGE youtube share this week! Let me know if you enjoy this kind of content, and I can schedule more in the future.
The kind and amazing Veronika has shared a comprehensive collection of resources that helped her master Japanese only for the community, give her some ♥ by checking it out here!
Spring is here for Co-x3! If you haven't graced it with your presence yet, our resident artist Vivian has created a beautiful spring theme for Co-x3! If you're interested in getting a wallpaper pack, do let us know.
If you've been to our toolbox or our brand new adventure pages recently, you'll notice that I've been able to integrate custom fonts, and even a chatbot into a notion page. You can learn how I've been able to do that here.
+7 Patrons! Thank you Nick, Jules, Michelle, Ema, Travis, and Hite! With your support, we can release quality content more regularly, and provide special and customized perks for supporters like you! Special thanks to Julian for joining us as an ANNUAL SUPPORTER! 🎉
This week's honest sharing 💭
Every week, I am deeply honest about important topics.
Wow, just wow. This has been a beast of a video to make, and huge thanks to all the community members that helped me make it happen (your credits are in the description). I'm not going to spoil it for you, but know this going in - you've never seen a setup like this before.
As our valued community members, you get a 1 hour exclusive head start on the video before it goes public! Like and comment if you want to see more! 💕
What I've been resonating with 📚
Constant learning is an important part of your growth journey, and I try to read as much as I can to learn as fast as I can. Every week, I'll share key insights from the best pieces of content I digest.
Quote: "We are, each of us, a product of the stories we tell ourselves" - Darren Brown
Our personal narratives holds a strong influence over how we behave.
Ultimately, we only take the opportunities that we think we deserve and are capable of taking.
We all have the capacity for amazing feats - it's a combination of faith (in yourself) + tangible steps towards action (from a supportive network) that we can realize our full potential.
I'm going to do something a little different for this resonance piece, I saw his wonderful concept as highly applicable to life in action, so I have a bit more to share here than usual!
In his ted talk, he was concentrating on the fears holding him back on big decisions in his life, and how he worked through the process of turning inaction into action.
Quite often, our why (to do things) ends at the goal (eg. I want to get further in my career) or the area of competence in our life (eg. improving finances). However, for many, that might not be enough motivation to drastically change our psyche to sprint towards achieving success in that area in our lives.
So for those moments in my life, I utilize fear setting to push for an additional boost of incentive to fulfill my success plan - by defining the fears (worst-case scenarios) of never achieving that goal. Learn more about fear setting here →
Things to look forward to 👀
Be a part of a collaborative adventure story with our community! Will we solve a murder mystery, save the galaxy from an ancient evil or find out we're all wizards? Come and find out! Join our first ever Co-x3 TTRP →
Companion reward for joining next week's Co-x3 Weekly Catchup - you'll get an exclusive hero to join your party! This week was Princess Leia, giving you 15% bonus EXP or gold boosts, and we'll reveal our upcoming masked hero on Friday!
We're also going to be giving out a loot box every catchup with an exclusive gift from the community! We all have our talents to share, and this week during our catchup, our members graciously offered to pool their resources to benefit one lucky participant every week. RSVP for Weekly Catchup #6 →
We have 3 more videos in the pipeline for this week - Fear Setting, Cool Things You Can Do To Extend Notion, and a Full Gamification Walkthrough (for Dummies!). Not to mention all our power up your motivation course videos that are being worked on concurrently.
It's with your support that I've been able to be so driven and passionate in building this community of co-creation and collaboration for all of us. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. As a token of my appreciation, I want to bring your attention to a feature I've been beta testing - if you sign up for an annual subscription in our dedicated community space, you can get 2 months free off your Co-x2 patron subscription. This is the perfect time to bring a like-minded friend into the community as well, as we're greatly ramping up the resources and support we can offer for every single one of you.
Prompt for the week ❔
Let's keep each other accountable on our growth journey. Reply on this email and send your response to this question:
What is an adventure you've been putting off? How can we help you make it happen?

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